Josef Kostner

My work

What I have experienced in everyday life - be it joy, suffering, disappointment or helplessness - has found its expression, its fixation in my work, as I have been completely guided by the current state in which I found myself - regardless of what i always did.

I strive to let myself be completely guided and surprised by the circumstances of the material and my emotional state; and before I'm really surprised by a solution, I destroy the whole thing to try again. Only after visiting H. Moore in England did I get a pretty clear concept of what I wanted. But it has been a long, often desperate struggle between what is spontaneous and surprising in a sculpture, and what is rigorous, simple, well thought out and executed form. So I'm still struggling between these two just to achieve a valid, good balance between them.

What plagued me again and again were the constant doubts - doubts about the validity of my work - even more so since I never received confirmation [of my works] from a high and/or competent authority.

Josef Kostner 1983
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