Josef Kostner


In two volumes: graphics and sculptures in slipcase 31 x 26 cm. 107 color illustrations of the works, with critical notes by Francesco Butturini and Luigi Meneghelli.

Publisher: Giorgio Ghelfi Verona

Josef Kostner - Expressions of the soul
Drawings 1998 - 1999, introduction by: Dr. Ilse Thuile, Lara Toffoli, Sieglinde Hirn, Georg Demetz, with the support of: Province Bolzano

Josef Kostner edited by Ghelfi Verona
Introduction by: Pier Luigi Siena, Francesco Butturini, Josef Unterer, Giancarlo Iosimi, Pierina Rizzardi, Jacques Virbon

Cun lizënza, Poems
Poems Josef Kostner, introduction: Ruth Bernardi, drawings: Josef Kostner, edited by: Istitut Ladin Micurà de Rü

Zacan cuntovi, Ladin Narration
Introduction: Marco Forni, edited by: Istitut Ladin Micurà de Rü

Josef Kostner - Oltre ogni soglia
Introduction: Mario Cossali / Remo Forchini, Lisa Trockner, Michil Costa, with the support of: Region Autonoma Trentino-Alto Adige, Cassa Rurale Vallagarina, Municipality of Isera

Josef Kostner Edizione Ghelfi Verona, Sculpture and Graphic
Sculpture and Graphic: Josef Kostner, introduction: Luigi Meneghelli and Franceso Butturini, Edition: Ghelfi Verona

Josef Kostner Between Rebellion and Resignation
Introduction by: Peter Schwienbacher, Josef Maier, Valentine Kostner, Heinrich Schwazer, Kathrin Zitturi, edited by: Museum Hofburg Bressanone

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